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TTC Plus

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Turnaround time is currently 14 days, but may extend out to 30 days (see note for details).Please send an unfiltered (unedited) photo of yourself along with your 4 digit order number (sent to you in the confirmation email) to the Facebook page or email (full details until Blog Post on Home Page).

****NOTE: If I receive an influx of orders, the turnaround time may extend to 30+ days.  Tarot reading is very unpredictable, so periodically I may go from receiving 1-2 orders on average to over 20+ in a day.  We are not able to foresee these surges, but will do our best to let you know if/when your reading is affected.****

  • Reading Includes:
    • -Conception Month/Year - (may include more than 1 month - some cycles cross from one month to the next or you may conceive in one month and receive your BFP the next month)
    • -Gender (Boy or Girl)
    • -Summary of Pregnancy Symptoms (if there will be morning sickness, moodiness, etc)
    • -Relevant Numbers & Days of the Week
    • -General TTC Tips & Tips to help you conceive
    • -Meditations
    • -General Advice



*See Blog Post on Main Home Page for FAQ & Turnaround Time

**Readings are for entertainment purposes and should not be used as medical advice.

***We are unable to guarantee pregnancy as prediction's are made based upon the energy at the time of the reading.