Birth Chart - Astrological Personality Reading

Birth Chart - Astrological Personality Reading

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Did you know you’re more than your “zodiac” ?! This natal chart includes information about your Sun, Moon, and Ascending signs, planets and houses at the exact time of your birth. This chart in essence is what makes you, YOU!!! 

*To order this reading you must have your date, time, and place of birth*

I use a special software to pull and write up charts, and will include information about any prenatal eclipse energies in your chart that could affect you in your life!! 

Get ready for a mind blowing reading!!!

Some parts of your report may seem contradictory - this is because we as humans can be quite contradictory and grow and develop with age!! 

This comes with a PDF printable birth chart you can frame! Perfect for you, if you want to learn more about your children or a loved one, or even as a gift for a friend who loves astrology!