Guidelines on Placing an Order

Hello, and thank you for visiting my page! Here are some guidelines to place and complete orders.

Turnaround time is currently 14 days, but may extend out to 30 days (see note for details).

****NOTE: If I receive an influx of orders, the turnaround time may extend to 30 days.  Tarot reading is very unpredictable, so periodically I may go from receiving 1-2 orders on average to over 20+ in a day.  We are not able to foresee these surges, but will do our best to let you know if/when your reading is affected.****

I put a lot of time and energy into my readings and each one takes 1-4 hours to complete. I'm also a full time working mama who is homeschooling now, so I only get to work on my readings and energy work at night time and on weekends/holidays (explaining the longer turn around times) - so here is how to place a successful order!!


1. Find the reading you like, and order! 

2. If you have Facebook, please message me here - to confirm your order and send me your order number with a clear (preferably unfiltered) recent photo of you.

3. If you do NOT have Facebook, please send me an email right away with the same details - order number and photo. Send to and CC - I am working to get that changed on this site to make it easier.

4. There should be a Facebook messenger function enabled on this page, you can use that to ask me any questions you have before placing an order!

5. I do offer refunds ONLY if your reading has not been pulled yet and I am late on your estimated turn around time. Please keep that in mind before ordering.

Thank you! Much love!

- LunaRae